Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well folks, if you are like me, God help you, climbing replaces drugs, porn, mountain biking and even coffee for some of us. Anyway The Driller, fresh from 33 straight days of accounting madness-- if as exciting a word as "madness" can be properly applied to accounting-- and I are heading up tomorrow, Sunday, to push ourselves one day closer to the send.

This being the season to work on the route, Napoleon is nowhere to be found, and The Filth-- currently dodging wardens, waterfalls and aid climbing epics in Yosemite-- sends email missives, warning us how he will go and onsight the route first thing back, and of course the 8 people who reads this blog are pestering me to finish the damned route, since it is summer and soon it will be too hot to climb the Grand Wall, yadda.

Anyway, stay tuned, there should be lots of rockfall, bolt chopping, cussing, forgetting of gear, shit-talk and other good climbing stuff. I honestly estimate two more days of construction/cleaning, and then we stop hauling gear up there, and start with this activity called "climbing."


  1. I may be one of the 8 reading the story, and I read it from france.
    Please dont send it before fall, we need a tales all summer

  2. you know, lesoy, at the speed and skill level that I climb, I am sure that it will be a year or two before the damned thing goes. BUT...the same low skill level, mixed with lots of enthusiasm, should produce more epics and ridiculous stay tuned.