Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're BACK!

Like Led Zeppelin said, it's been a long time, a long lonely (x5) time!

I have set up a hit counter and it astonishes me that there are often as many as 200 people with nothing better to do than to read this blog. So therefore I will only temporarily disappoint the .00000065% of the Internet who reads this, and tell you that, yes, I have material coming out of my ass (no, not THAT kind of material-- this is GOOD shit) and yes I will publish some of it soon. For those of you who are bored shitless, there are buttloads of good porn sites, discussion sites, etc, to tide you over while Gumbies Off Blog dithers-- feel free to email or post your suggestions.

So stay tuned. Coming up-- hair sponsorships, dirtbag style, The Vow Of Abstinence, another trip to the Creek, some old stories, and, oh yeah, we will eventually be getting back onto our route. So tie up your helper monkeys, feed your cat some cheese slices, check out American Idol, buff them pipes, buy a pair of tighter pants (a fashion dictum that for the first time in about fifty years applies to both men and women) and bust out those musty ropes and pads...it's Spring!

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