Monday, August 31, 2009

The Drop Zone

The following is a picture of Middle Caramba Terrace where we are working. If you are planning on crossing this terrace to go to Ultimate Everything or Upper Echelon, beware of rockfall on work days. Better to approach via Apron or South Gully routes. We will put cleaning advosories physically in the Apron parking lot, at the Badge trailhead, and online on and on .


  1. Maybe you should have put the work into cleaning your route when it was appropriate to trundle, not on the longest, best, driest weekend of the entire Spring? Cleaning and their advisories are trumped by climbable weather and the climbing public, not the other way around. I'm guiding a bouldering tour in the North Walls and Sheriff's Badge bouldering areas Sunday anyways so I guess it's a Kamikaze mission. Jeremy Blumel, 604 849 1760

  2. Hi Jeremy-- the drop zone won't impact either of those areas. We should need one more day, during which the only thing we'll throw off will be a couple of old dried trees, which will basically float down the cliff. There is another party working to climber's right of us; these guys might hit the far right of the Badge boulders but I doubt it.

  3. why the fuck would you clean anything on a sunday when the weather is good.
    Are you too busy being a dirtbag all winter to do this in the rain.
    Are you guys fucken stupid.?
    You must be.

  4. Hi, Anonymous--

    Thank you for your feedback.

    It's actually spelled "fuckin'," (or fucking) not "fucken," and a question mark is used without a period. Also, your second sentence (which should begin with capital letter) is a question, and so requires a question mark at the end.

    -- Butch

  5. My god, you're flipping off the camera!

    You guys are CORE!

  6. Either that or douchebags.

  7. We are definitely douchebags! That picture is on the mountaineer's route on Whitney, the easiest route (we were going down). Douchebag is a good word; pussy is also decent, but gumbie is best cos we have NO IDEA what we are doing.

  8. Douches of the highest order!

    Grand wizards of douchebaggery!!

  9. that's a new one. nous somees les grands wizards de al douchebaggerie! on sait qu'on est arrivee quand... but seriously, don't worry, we will not be bombing any climbing or bouldering areas.

  10. After reading on squamish climbing that you pissed people off. I hope you have learned something.

    Here is a small picture to think about. You guys, Jeremy Frimal, whoever...
    If something you trundle, cut or kick off ever kills someone... You could be held criminally responsible.
    Might be something to think about..

    Wake the fuck up.